Central Office Restructuring

January 2013


Our goal is to clearly communicate to the stakeholders of the Tri-Town School Union (parents, teachers, administrators, taxpayers and elected and appointed town officials) the purpose and nature of the recently approved organizational changes to the Central Administration of the TTSU.  For the 2013 - 2014 school year, the TTSU will implement a new leadership model as illustrated in the included organizational chart to maximize the effectiveness of the Superintendent position.  This change is the culmination of an on-going, four year effort that included the leadership of all three TTSU towns’ boards and committees and that encompasses the recommendations of a recent study funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).


Reorganization of the leadership structure is necessary at this time in order to address a number of key challenges facing the Central Administration of the TTSU:

* The current Superintendent is in the first year of a three-year contract and has indicated his intention to retire.

*  With many Superintendents retiring statewide* the competition for quality leadership will be fierce.  There is a need to structure a more manageable Superintendent position reducing the overwhelming number of afterhours (evening) meetings.  (*MASC data:  55-65 projected annually based on the past few years and foreseeable future.)

*  Ever-increasing compliance mandates consume more of the Superintendent’s time thus diverting this expert knowledge and leadership away from our core mission of teaching, learning and student achievement.

* A recent TTSU Readiness Evaluation Report* recommended reorganizing key leadership roles in order to reduce the Superintendent’s need to be involved in operational detail.  (*Funded in 2009 with a DESE grant)

* A well-defined leadership organizational structure will reflect the increased level of work the schools and administrative offices have absorbed and will prevent the loss of valued, experienced, skilled employees during this leadership transition period as has been seen in other districts.

* The leadership organizational design adopted will bring the TTSU more in line with the organizational structure of like and high achieving districts like Bedford, Wayland and Weston. (DESE website and Boston magazine-09/2012.)


This reorganization will be achieved largely by shifting managerial tasks to the restructured Assistant Superintendent positions, freeing up more of the Superintendent’s time to focus on overall educational vision, mission, communication and planning responsibilities.

HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?                             FY2014

It is important to note that the reorganization of positions in the leadership model does include a new position that will be added to the Central Administration Staff.  The positions will consist of restructured existing personnel with incremental salary cost of implementation estimated at $32,069 to be apportioned across the three towns.  Additionally, some functions currently assigned to the Central Administration Staff will be delegated to the support staff within the schools themselves with an estimated salary cost of $25,000 to cover the small increase in key support staff weekly hours and/or annual days (again, apportioned across three towns).

The additonal postion is a Human Resource/Compliance Officer position (restructring between the town of Boxford to the school district) to assume overall responsibility for the ever-increasing and complex human resource and compliance requirements that are mandated by law for all three school districts.  It is estimated that the total cost of this existing position will be $60,000 to be apportioned among the three towns.

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