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Writers’ Workshop Overview

The Writers’ Workshop is one element of a Balanced Literacy Model that includes Readers’ Workshop, Writers’ Workshop, and Language Word Study.  The Writers’ Workshop gives focused time to the study of writing techniques, forms, genres and types. 

Writers' workshop is one element of a Balanced Literacy Model.                

Structure of the Writers’ Workshop

teacher develop a relationship of trust. Workshop advocates Lucy Calkins and Carl Anderson describe the goal of the Workshop as teaching writers, not fixing the writing. Because each student cAlthough the Writers’ Workshop follows a formal structure, it allows for tremendous creativity on both the part of the teacher and the students.  The routine of daily practice with small, identified goals gives the students opportunity to improve their existing skills and learn new skills in small comprehensible chunks, and allows a non-threatening place to learn from mistakes made.  The Workshop requires both student and teacher to understand and learn the writing process in detail and to reassess where the student is in that process on an ongoing basis.  Through the combination of structure, creativity, experimentation, and assessing, both student and onfers with a teacher on a regular and on-going basis, quick, formative evaluations are possible.  Time for teaching or re-teaching techniques or concepts is built into the Workshop daily structure.


Breakdown of a 45-60 minute writing block using the Writers' Workshop structure

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