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welcome to The Cole preschool!

The Cole School Integrated Preschool is an inclusive program with a 3 year old class and a 4 year old class.

We will be announcing shortly when the application and lottery process will open up for the 23-24 school year. An Open House for parents only will be held before the process to help answer your questions. Please check back for updates. Please also note the 4 year old class is already full for the 23-24 school year due to our current 3 year olds moving up.

We hope this website helps answer your questions and is easy to navigate. All other enquiries please contact our Preschool Coordinator Celia Cole by email at ccole@boxfordschools.org.


Child's 3rd Birthday Application for Lottery School Year for Preschool Class

Sept. 2, 2021 - Sept. 1, 2022 CLOSED 2022-23

Sept. 2, 2022 - Sept. 1, 2023 Fall of 2022 2023-24

Sept. 2, 2023 - Sept. 1, 2024 Fall of 2023 2024-25

Sept. 2, 2024 - Sept. 1, 2025 Fall of 2024 2025-26

Sept. 2, 2025 - Sept. 1, 2026 Fall of 2025 2026-27


For more in depth information about our program please refer to our handbook linked below. An Open House for parents of children who would enroll in our program is held each fall to give an overview of our preschool and explain the lottery process. We also conduct preschool screenings as part of our Child Find obligation. Dates will be posted.

If you are moving to Boxford with a child who has a disability or you suspect your child has a disability and requires services, please contact Carolyn Wilson, Early Childhood Coordinator at cwilson@boxfordschools.org for information on our preschool.

When do I sign my child up for the 3-Year-Old Classroom (PreK3)? The fall before your child’s first preschool year is when you would apply to be entered into the lottery for our program. Please refer to the above Enrollment & Lottery Timeline for specific dates.

Are there openings for the 4-Year-Old Classroom (PreK4)? Currently we have no openings for the 22-23 or 23-24 school year. The students in our current PreK3 move up to the PreK4 which creates a full class. If you are moving to town and your child has an IEP please contact Carolyn Wilson, Early Childhood Coordinator at cwilson@boxfordschools.org.

Is there a waitlist? Yes. If you missed the lottery, did not get your first choice, or moved into the district after our lottery, you can fill out an application and request to be placed on our waitlist. Waitlist applications are only good for the remainder of the school year and will no longer be valid for the following school year. If space becomes available the Preschool Coordinator will reach out to the first person on the waitlist until the space is filled.

What is the lottery? There is a 2 week window each fall when applications are accepted along with a $50 registration fee. Immediately after the application window is closed a lottery is held to fairly assign applicants a lottery number. For a more in depth description please refer to our handbook.

When is the lottery? The lottery is held mid or late fall depending on our school calendar. When a date is decided it is announced here on our website, on school doors, in the local newspaper, and on the local cable channel.

Does my child need to be toilet trained? No child will be turned away from our program if they are not toilet trained. We highly encourage parents to work on toilet training with their child the summer before they enter preschool if they are not yet independently using the bathroom. Most of the children in our program are toilet trained. Students in pull-ups or diapers must be sent to school with ones that have sticky tabs on the side for easy changes. Pull-ups that need to be slid up and down will not be used.

Do you have a full time program? No. Incoming 3 year olds can apply for either our 2 or 3 day program (PreK3). Programs cannot be combined. The PreK3 runs from 9-12. PreK3 students can opt in to attend Lunch Bunch from 12-1 on their program days.

Our 4 year olds attend a 3 day program (PreK4) that runs from 9-1. They will eat lunch during their school day in the classroom. If there is space available in PreK4, the Preschool Coordinator will offer a 4th day.

There is no aftercare in our building for preschoolers.

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